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Pushvinder + Gurjot | Ludhiana Wedding


Love doesn’t make the world go ’round’, Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

In Sikh culture , Anand Karaj is the most significant ceremony , as ‘Anand’ means bliss and ‘Karaj’ means a work or undertaking and it binds man and a woman into spiritual union. By the grace of God they are blessed with togetherness and they are ready to commit and start new life with each other.

When Pushvinder & Gurjot first met, they had no idea that they will be so important for each other.  To start out as friends and build a relationship with a foundation is a wonderful thing  . For them , Courtship was much sweeter than dating.  It’s an amalgam of filling the life with love, giving , praising , having unlimited talks , trusting each other , without any expectations of the reciprocation . It’s incredible to witness how presence of a partner tends to change our personalities and how we learn to balance each other out . Gurjot confessed that now they miss unlimited late night phone calls…dating…day dreaming…counting days left for marriage but each day their excitement simply doubled. They are now a part of something that is so much bigger than an individual, they are a family.

When the dust settles from a passionate courtship, what’s left….and what keeps the marriage growing is friendship. It has been 5 months since they got married and looking at them makes you feel “How blessed it truly is, to stumble upon a soul that wants nothing but smile and sunshine for you, for the rest of your life.”