Ankita + Parul | Udaipur Wedding


Their story has no mention of luck , chance or impossible coincidences. It has no mention of pubs , sporting events , Facebook , dance floors, mutual friends , stolen glances or how a pair of red heels caught his eyes. I guess you could say that their “How We Met” story is fairly ordinary, yet there is nothing ordinary about how they feel about each other and how far they’ve come.

Ankita has childhood memories of playing with Parul’s toys and that he was a really really shy kid.  From there, Parul and Ankita were just acquaintances and had no idea what god has planned for them. It all began when their parents arranged a meeting for them which to their surprise went A-A-AMAZING.

Eager to meet Ankita, Parul arrived at the meeting place with heart full of intense anxiety and overwhelming excitement.  After a few minutes, he turned around and saw Ankita walk through the door.  He remembers thinking she was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. They enjoyed a three-hour dinner together and closed down thinking ‘the day’ as their first date.

After talking for a couple of days, they hung out and were inseparable since. Ankita says she knew he was a keeper from the first time they met. And Parul says her smile stole his heart. With each passing day, they grew very fond of each other’s potential energy and their love for each other eventually became unquantifiable .

You just know it when you meet the right person. Love just happens! Yes, you get butterflies.

Makeup Courtesy – Lekha Shah

Location CourtesyTrident Hotel , Fatehgarh Niwas & Fatehgarh Palace , Udaipur

Event PlannersRudra Events

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Ombre was the best decision we made for our wedding. The communication was incredibly smooth throughout &  team made us feel at ease at all times. It was like having a group of friends around. Team captured pivotal moments and emotions so effortlessly. The results were breathtaking photos that we will cherish for life. 

Lavanya & Erick

If you are looking for a photographer with an eye of detail and a majestic creative vision then look no further than OMBRE! They exude a rare passion for their work which we have never seen before ; Super excited about different photo opportunities & running around looking for spots of light and moments.

Sania & Minkle

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Ombre and team has been highly understanding and cooperative during our nuptial journey. From Harsheen to Tessa, the whole team at Ombre has done exceptional work in photography, cinematography and editing, for pre-wedding shoot to the nuptial pheras on the wedding day. I highly recommend them!

Meghvi & Nihit

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It was a pleasure working with the Ombré team! Harsheen has a very specific vision that she does an amazing job at executing and the entire team was incredibly flexible, fun, and creative. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience from the beginning till our last deliverable .

Moeena & Dan

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