Visual Artistry

Memoirs of a Lover


Memoirs of a lover

Location Courtesy – Lemon Tree Hotel , Tarundhan Valley

Makeup Courtesy – Guru Makeup Art

Lead Photographer – Harsheen Jammu

” So, as it has always been said that love happens only once and for me it turned out to be true. I met my one and only on a chilly winter morning of 22nd January, 2016 in a conference (as we both are lawyers) which I don’t really think is even considered as a romantic encounter. But yes, it was no less than magic. Since that day we knew something was meant to be and the thrill to get to know each other was burning in our hearts. I had never met such a confident, humble, respectable, hardworking guy in my entire life. We were bound to spend each day together as we were working on a case which involved both our offices but even the entire day felt less than the time we wanted to spend with each other. Our meetings grew and so did our fondness for each other and there comes the day on 20th February, 2016 when we decided to be with each other till our last breath. Even though we belonged to different communities- I being a Muslim and he being a Hindu, we knew we’ll overcome the hurdles. With passing time our love grew so strong that we were ready to break walls to be with each other. Now, there comes a time where we decided to tell our respective families. He took the step and told his family first and to our surprise they were all very comfortable with us being together. We became even more confident and then I told my family which didn’t really turn out well. So we thought let’s give my parents sometime to understand us and the process of making them understand continued. As things progressed between us, it was getting ugly in my family as my parents didn’t approve of a Hindu boy wanting to marry their daughter even though they knew that he including his entire family loves their daughter so much. It was an idea which was not acceptable to them and the reason was nothing but society. So again we thought that let’s try to eliminate the aspect of society from their dictionary and add the element of love in order for them to understand. But all our efforts went into vain as my parents just didn’t want to budge and were adamant on their decision. All this while we kept wondering what will happen and how things will progress as this was priority and rest everything was secondary. I kept trying to speak to my family about him but there was no response. It was my younger sisters who gave me immense support be it in any way. They were sure about my decision and stood by me in every step I took. They still are my strength. Only after spending a lot of nights discussing the future of our relationship and exhausting all our available options we decided to go ahead and get married as we knew no matter what we decide his parents will always support us. It wasn’t only love that drew us to this decision but a combination of a lot things that we decided, even if hell broke on us we’ll still be together. So here comes the day where I told my parents about my decision and he stood with me all along. Since that day I haven’t looked back. This was the strongest decision Of our lives and we embraced each and every day from the time of shopping of our outfits to buying gifts for the family till the main day. Above all of this was his masi, her phenomenal energy and aura was another motivational factor. She chose to be my mother and did all that a mother would do for her daughter. There is no dull moment with her around. She is a true rockstar. I couldn’t be more happy while sharing this with all of you. This is not just one chapter in life, this is where life begins. We all unfold new things in our lives everyday and we wish for good beginnings. This for me is the best I could have ever done. I have got a lovely family by my side, a super loving mother-in-law, caring and most affectionate father-in-law, one crazy ass of a sister-in-law and my endearing husband. Could not have asked god for more. ” – Heena Khan

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