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In the breathtaking setting of Udaivillas, Udaipur, Neha’s traditional Gujarati wedding unfolded in a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors and intricate rituals. Meanwhile, at a tranquil Gurudwara, Rima embraced Shivdeep’s culture in an Anand Kaaraj ceremony filled with love and devotion. Capturing every heartfelt moment, from tearful farewells to joyous unions, these snapshots immortalize the sisters’ journey into marriage—a beautiful tapestry where two cultures blend harmoniously, celebrating unity, love, and the promise of new beginnings.

Rahul and Saanya’s Mumbai wedding was a Bollywood fantasy come to life. Childhood friends turned soulmates, their vibrant celebration reflected their exuberant personalities. Saanya, a wedding designer, infused maximalist style into each event, from the lively Haldi to the glamorous Sangeet. Invitations promised “unlimited banter and fun,” and our photography captured every opulent, joy-filled moment of this unforgettable day.

Imagine a magical wedding in the heart of Ranthambore, where lush greenery meets stunning royal architecture. Priyanka and Yash, deeply in love, chose this picturesque location for their traditional Gujarati wedding, culminating an eight-year romance in a celebration like no other.

The setting was royal, with every detail reflecting luxury and grandeur. From intricate decorations to a vegan feast, opulence was everywhere, yet the affair felt intimate.

Capturing these moments was a privilege. The love between Priyanka and Yash shone in every photo, set against the stunning Ranthambore backdrop, creating a fairy tale atmosphere. Each frame tells a timeless story of their beautiful love.

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Embark on a journey unlike any other with 15 adventurous women, transcending conventional bachelorette norms. From the regal Taj Mahal to jovial pyjama parties, their Indian escapade was a whirlwind of luxury and camaraderie. Amidst moonlit desert soirées and vibrant bazaars, their tale of friendship and opulence unfolds, immortalized by our lens.

Art, they say, speaks to the unfathomable depth within us. In this photography experience, I discovered that art has the power to transcend boundaries and touch the core of our being. As I edited the shots, I found myself reflecting on my personal journey as a photographer. The growth and evolution I witnessed in myself became apparent, as I delved deeper into the soul of my work. Each frame was not just a pretty picture; it was a testament to years of learning, experimenting, and pushing the boundaries of my creativity.

The events spread across those three days were not just about weddings and celebrations; they were about love and unity, about tradition and growth. As a photographer, our role extends beyond capturing beautiful moments; it lies in etching these profound emotions into the hearts and minds of those who witness our work. It is our hope that through photography, we can transport others to a place of serenity and joy, allowing them to relive those fleeting moments of celebration.

As the sun sets over the tranquil Vietnamese coast, the wedding festivities kick off with an Indian ceremony, honoring age-old traditions and customs. The vibrant colors, rhythmic music, and heartfelt rituals create an atmosphere of profound cultural richness.

The day started with excitement and anticipation as the couple, surrounded by their loved ones. This intimate moment was a testament to the deep bond they shared, and we were there to document every emotion etched on their faces.

Rakhi & Mitra laughed , danced , and embraced each other as we discreetly captured these precious moments. Remember, the best photos often come from the genuine connection between the couple, so be yourselves and let your love story unfold naturally.

A happy family is but an earlier heaven, no one could make more justice to this quote more than Harnav, Gagan and their bundle of joy Elaahi. Its not so often you get to photograph a photographer couple and for us this was one of the most memorable and fun assignment. We are extremely glad that we got the chance to witness and capture this beautiful family.

Reflecting their love for travel and Indian architecture, Shruti and Shayaun’s destination wedding in Samode place, Jaipur was nothing less than a fairytale come to life with its brilliant themes. The wedding consisted of several personalised elements that tugged at everyone’s heartstring and was a homage to her Tamil Brahmin heritage. The wedding was special to the couple and their families because they’ve been waited over two years during the uncertain pandemic times.

What makes us different ? This is a question we often get asked in the client meetings . And we thought , why not blog about the same ?  Why not make the decision taking process easier for our prospective clients ? Since we can’t meet all of you who love us for what we […]

Niyoshi and Arjun were both the last in their siblings to get married . They both wanted their wedding to be a celebration of art , music and love . Their parents supported their playful spirit and they had an unconventional wedding ceremony at Fairmont , Jaipur in December 2019 .

Aliona and Alan, hail from Russia but have Indian roots. They decided to get married at 49 after being together for 16 years & raising 3 kids together. Wedding was a testimonial to the fact that age is just a number They married according to Indian customs , celebrated youth & craziness.

Richa & Nitesh were classmates back in 2007, they never ever shared a glance let alone talk to each other. Fast forward 13 years later two best friends married each other. A true defination of opposites attracting each other. He loves red sauce pasta, she binges into white sauce, but together they enjoy pink sauce. That applies to almost everything in their lives ❤️

Event Managed by – Chandni Tent House & Events by experts
Outfits – Neeta Lulla , Falguni & Shane Peacock , Varun Bahl , Pooja Sarees
Make up courtesy – Paveena Rathour
Location – Chandigarh

Couple – Shakti-Luv & Riya-Kush
Venue – The Leela Ambience , Gurgaon
Event managed by – Ahana from Naach Gaana Vyaah

A soulmate is not someone that comes into your life peacefully. It is who comes to make you question things, who changes your reality, somebody that marks a before and after in your life.

Isha knew Jai since she was a sophomore(2nd year) in college. They both went to Michigan State University. It was April 2009 when she first met him. Their first meeting was kind of a funny/scary experience for her . She was at a friend’s party and Jai came and scared her thinking  she was someone else. In my head she was […]

Abhishek and Jitsun saw each other for the first time at a wedding when their cousins were getting married.  Jitsun remembers seeing Abhishek from the car, he was standing by the road and she felt really warm and fuzzy when she saw him. She was too young then and they never approached each other and it was […]

Sruthi and Arjun are a symphony of contrasts, fire and ice, finding harmony in their dissonance. This is more than a wedding. It’s a fusion of love, tears and the intoxicating scent of jasmine. And it’s our privilege to capture the beauty of it all.

Capturing the love story of Akhila and Balaji, first loves turned eternal soulmates, in the exquisite beachside location of Mahabalipuram was an experience unlike any other. The camera immortalized every emotion, every stolen glance, every touch that spoke volumes of their unwavering love. Akhila, adorned in vibrant hues, exuded grace with every step, while Balaji resembled a prince charming from a fairy tale, his eyes brimming with adoration. Their south Indian wedding was a celebration of love, tradition, and new beginnings, a dream unfolding before their eyes. Their bond, reminiscent of Akhila’s mother’s embrace, filled her with gratitude for finding such a soulmate, their union promising a lifetime of togetherness.


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Ombre was the best decision we made for our wedding. The communication was incredibly smooth throughout &  team made us feel at ease at all times. It was like having a group of friends around. Team captured pivotal moments and emotions so effortlessly. The results were breathtaking photos that we will cherish for life. 

Lavanya & Erick

If you are looking for a photographer with an eye of detail and a majestic creative vision then look no further than OMBRE! They exude a rare passion for their work which we have never seen before ; Super excited about different photo opportunities & running around looking for spots of light and moments.

Sania & Minkle

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Ombre and team has been highly understanding and cooperative during our nuptial journey. From Harsheen to Tessa, the whole team at Ombre has done exceptional work in photography, cinematography and editing, for pre-wedding shoot to the nuptial pheras on the wedding day. I highly recommend them!

Meghvi & Nihit

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It was a pleasure working with the Ombré team! Harsheen has a very specific vision that she does an amazing job at executing and the entire team was incredibly flexible, fun, and creative. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience from the beginning till our last deliverable .

Moeena & Dan

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