Visual Artistry

What makes us different?


What makes us different ? This is a question we often get asked in the client meetings . And we thought , why not blog about the same ?  Why not make the decision taking process easier for our prospective clients ? Since we can’t meet all of you who love us for what we do . 

Family portrait from Shaneez & Mohak’s Wedding

Ombre started in 2015 (formerly known as Harsheen J Photography), back then it was pure passion to create wedding photos which had never been seen by the world. We tried to create world class photos mixing art and fashion with moments to get the best wedding imagery. 

We hit a lot of roadblocks sighting that we were not creating enough! Duh… Some clients said ‘We don’t have a full length shot of our wedding dress’. We though to ourselves ‘Why would she want that? She can look at it whenever she wants to. And then some were like ’I can’t find my MAMAji in any of the pics’, ‘There isn’t a single photo of me and my dad in one frame’, ‘Why are the elderlies not covered?’, I am talking about that period of history when Instagram or Facebook was not the driving force of wants/desires and these were very basic things. We are here to create photos and not to capture what anybody could do. Until 2016, we never really understood clients who didn’t understand art. We didn’t understand that wedding is not just about the couple.

Disha & Gaurav’s Portrait

In Nov 2016, my perspective towards wedding images changed, I felt as if I am the most apathetic person to my clients. That was the month I got married to Agam. We hired the best people in Industry (by that I mean the best I liked :)), On one side I wanted everything, each and every family member to covered in all permutations and combinations, each wedding detail should be photographed, every angle should be covered (which practically is impossible, unless your wedding shoot is called a film set). Little did I understood that I have hired them for the art and not the basics. Everything hit me so hard. Everytime I wanted to ask them to click a full length shot of my wedding dress, I would get a hit on my face with my own thoughts (sigh). 

In March, 2017, when the deliverables came, they exceeded my expectations when it came to art and being unique, it was something that was never seen on the internet. It was a big hit. But at the end of the day , what we were lacking in our wedding album were the basic, full length shots, family portraits, elderlies , tiny details .And these were not just mine or Agam’s expectations but both the sets of parents too wanted to see those images.  And being a decent wedding photographer who has a fair idea about creativity , our own wedding constitutes of 80% group images. These events had just changed our outlook towards wedding albums. It should be complete in all respects. From that day to this day we are constantly striving to create something that satisfies each and every member of the family. They say , you can’t make everyone happy , but we love challenges 🙂

  • Creative shots mixed with art, fashion and emotions
  • Traditional photos covering each member of the family
  • Family portraits in all possible permutations and combinations
  • Attention to wedding details (decor, jewellery, outfits and everything that’s been paid attention to)
  • Atmosphere beyond decor
  • Paying attention to favourites (siblings, pets, probably getting all the siblings of dad or mom in 1 frame)

We incorporated client taste and preferences in our image and film making process . Every artist can create their kind of work . But what’s the point if the end user doesn’t relate to it ? At Ombre , we have a strong focus on creativity . But what makes us different is how seriously we cater to the client brief . We truly believe that there is always an intersection between an artist’s creativity and client’s brief . The intersection doesn’t come easy , but thats what makes you grow as an artist , makes you step out of your comfort zone , explore the unexplored . Creator and viewer are equally important for us . It is an inclusive partnership between two growing entities connected together in a working relationship

This sets us apart from other photographers, we have been there, we have experienced it and we have rectified it.