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Isha & Jai | Royal Jaipur Wedding


Isha knew Jai since she was a sophomore(2nd year) in college. They both went to Michigan State University. It was April 2009 when she first met him. Their first meeting was kind of a funny/scary experience for her . She was at a friend’s party and Jai came and scared her thinking  she was someone else. In my head she was thinking ” who is this weirdo?” Haha. After that they became friends and found out that they both had some rare common interests between us, specially horse back riding. So they looked up some riding stables nearby and started to go often for horseback riding together. And then jai took a photography class at college and Isha was his model. These two activities really brought them very close. Despite the good times, the whole process definitely felt like a Bollywood movie with action heroes, supporting cast, and villains. This however, did make them trust each other more. They have been through thick and thin together and by gods grace will do the same all their lives .

Location Courtesy – Rambagh Palace & Chaksu Haveli , Jaipur

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