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Priyam & Mayank | Post wedding shoot


Priyam met Mayank for the first time at a friend’s place . Their respective friends were going through a rough patch in their relationship and Priyam & Mayank came to make things better between their friends . After that , they kept meeting each other often for the same purpose but destiny had its own plans ;┬áthe patch up did not happen but they ended up being friends and then more ­čÖé …

They both share a common love for dogs . Both of them had dogs before marriage . Milo ( their current pet ) was not there when they got married . Then they had a sweet little pug , but unfortunately he couldn’t be a part of their lives for a longtime . His death was one of the darkest day of their lives .┬á┬áThey felt like they had lost a child who was with them since the Day 1 of their marriage .┬áHis absence created a vacuum in their lives and finally one day Mayank brought home MILO!! The cheers were back again!!

Three of them make an amazing family together . ┬áMilo wakes them up every morning as its his pee-pee time and he is too smart to convey them whatever he feels . He,salutes ,rolls over,acts like he is dead by a shot gun,touches your feet…you say it he does it!! Its been 6 years since they got married and their love for each other grows as Milo never likes them fighting , he walks off the room if he hears a loud sound ,and that just made me go Awww !

Milo is one of the friendliest dogs that I have met . Words are not enough to describe his cuteness & smartness . With this series , we have tried our level best to document the relationship Priyam & Mayank share after 6 years of marriage and what it means to have a pet which is like your own child .

P.S Milo is one pampered pooch !

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