Priyam & Mayank | Post wedding shoot


Priyam met Mayank for the first time at a friend’s place . Their respective friends were going through a rough patch in their relationship and Priyam & Mayank came to make things better between their friends . After that , they kept meeting each other often for the same purpose but destiny had its own plans ; the patch up did not happen but they ended up being friends and then more 🙂 …

They both share a common love for dogs . Both of them had dogs before marriage . Milo ( their current pet ) was not there when they got married . Then they had a sweet little pug , but unfortunately he couldn’t be a part of their lives for a longtime . His death was one of the darkest day of their lives .  They felt like they had lost a child who was with them since the Day 1 of their marriage . His absence created a vacuum in their lives and finally one day Mayank brought home MILO!! The cheers were back again!!

Three of them make an amazing family together .  Milo wakes them up every morning as its his pee-pee time and he is too smart to convey them whatever he feels . He,salutes ,rolls over,acts like he is dead by a shot gun,touches your feet…you say it he does it!! Its been 6 years since they got married and their love for each other grows as Milo never likes them fighting , he walks off the room if he hears a loud sound ,and that just made me go Awww !

Milo is one of the friendliest dogs that I have met . Words are not enough to describe his cuteness & smartness . With this series , we have tried our level best to document the relationship Priyam & Mayank share after 6 years of marriage and what it means to have a pet which is like your own child .

P.S Milo is one pampered pooch !

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Ombre was the best decision we made for our wedding. The communication was incredibly smooth throughout &  team made us feel at ease at all times. It was like having a group of friends around. Team captured pivotal moments and emotions so effortlessly. The results were breathtaking photos that we will cherish for life. 

Lavanya & Erick

If you are looking for a photographer with an eye of detail and a majestic creative vision then look no further than OMBRE! They exude a rare passion for their work which we have never seen before ; Super excited about different photo opportunities & running around looking for spots of light and moments.

Sania & Minkle

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Ombre and team has been highly understanding and cooperative during our nuptial journey. From Harsheen to Tessa, the whole team at Ombre has done exceptional work in photography, cinematography and editing, for pre-wedding shoot to the nuptial pheras on the wedding day. I highly recommend them!

Meghvi & Nihit

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It was a pleasure working with the Ombré team! Harsheen has a very specific vision that she does an amazing job at executing and the entire team was incredibly flexible, fun, and creative. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience from the beginning till our last deliverable .

Moeena & Dan

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