Visual Artistry

Khooshbu & Nirav



“In our journey of 6 years, from being just friends to husband and wife, love happened.

Nirav, a Photographer, had a goal. To remain confused and confuse the people who tried to solve his confusions. But one thing that he was sure of was to live life on his terms. He is a dreamer. And he won’t sit till he achieves it. One thing I love the most about him is, he expresses. His love, care, concerns, everything. He can talk till hours and I can listen to him till hours. And his nose, I can eat it up.

Khooshbu, an Architect and a very silent girl can add on her profession. She was very sorted from start, she knew what she wanted. She is simple, focused on her work, always kind. I died when I saw her smiling for the first time and I die every day. I love every quality of her and can never ask for more.

A story of two confused people wanting to live their life with each other very unofficially is framed in these beautiful lines.

Midnight with the stars and her
Midnight and a rendezvous
Her eyes held a message tender
Saying “I surrender all my love to you”

In his heart he secretly wished
To hold her till lives flourished
Only words could cause a scar
Too close yet too far

Two years older, in the rows of arch
Underneath the stars “here’s a little heart”
Their love, shining like a sun in night
Made the scars turn into stars.

We started to plan our wedding almost 3 months before. In our mind we wanted our wedding to look dreamy and starry. We always loved intimate weddings and wished one for us too.

Nirav was very much into details and of a belief that the tiniest detail should have a meaning, should have us somewhere in it. Staring from the colours, our outfits, the decor, to the invitations and everything in between was thought of and designed by him.

For us, letting people know our story in order to make the wedding more intimate was very important. And so we thought of writing it in our wedding invite, and designing it in a way that it reflects our life.

Our families were the backbone in creating whatever we thought, they never said no and supported all our decisions, no matter how new they were for them to digest. This wedding was not possible without their support. We love you.

And our Friends! They created the MOOD, they were right there all the time. After all the efforts that we had put in creating a perfect wedding, together with them, the wedding was beautiful, calm, and exactly how we wanted. ” – Khooshbu & Nirav

“Sometimes love just falls into our lap and we decide to let it stay…”

P.S.- We were extremely nervous when Khooshbu & Nirav decided on having us as their official photographers . There are good photographers and then there are photographers with a mind blowing vision . Nirav belongs to the second category 🙂

Both of them made us believe that there are people who are true artists in everything they do . Be it the ambience , their outfits , food menu , decor , lighting , even our hotel , everything was on point . Lately , weddings have become all about grandeur , but what makes it beautiful is personalisation and putting your own character into it . Khooshbu & Nirav , this is our soul in the form of images for you . Rarely , we have been infected by such love and happiness .

Love ,

Harsheen & Pulkit

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