What’s Included
✓ 1 Lightroom Mobile & Desktop Preset (.DNG and .XMP\.LRTEMPLATE)
✓ Fully Compatible with Lightroom Classic 3 up to Latest Version + All CC Versions & free Lightroom Mobile
✓ Compatible with iOS & Android
✓ One-click automated Lightroom Presets


Adobe Lightroom, works best with Adobe Standard Profile

Harsheen's artistic vision extends beyond the presets themselves. The names are a poetic blend of Rajasthani city names and evocative Japanese words, reflecting the deep connection she forged with the land and its people. Each preset name whispers the essence of a specific Rajasthani city, transporting you to its heart through color. The presets are meticulously calibrated to flatter a wide range of Indian skin tones.

₹7500 INR

Jodhpur Oiwai Preset

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