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Ashwini & Navjyot | Mumbai Wedding


Navjyot fell in love with Ashwini at her brothers wedding. After being in a relationship for around 8 months, he had to leave for San Francisco, as he got accepted in San Francisco Digital Film School. Next 2 years were spent on the opposite sides of the world. It was the toughest phase of their relationship. Long Distance Relationship(LDR), this was not just a phase for them , that phase defined them . They really never realised the power or the strength that this distance could give both of them . You really never know how one feels in a long distance relationship if you are not that person. It’s easier to make a commitment towards the relation but not an easy task to fulfil that commitment.  They were just 8 months into their relationship; they had just discovered each other’s likes, dislikes, the golden period of their relationship had just begun, and right at that point they had to say their good byes.

Over this period of two years of LDR ,  they saw various moments of overwhelming happiness, ups and downs and faced innumerable emotions but what they discovered about each other in these two years and how strong it made their bond was beyond their imagination. They became each other’s strength, motivation, inspiration and eventually bestest of friends. It is true when it’s said that you do not realize somebody’s worth unless that person is away from you. They realized the worth of proximity of being able to see that person in person of being able to hear their voice not electronically.
Excerpt from Navjyot – “I can openly say that whatever I have achieved and the whole staying away from her and family was possible because of the strength that she showed during this time. There was a time when we hardly spoke because of my crazy 16-17hr/day film shoot schedule. I know that she was in pain but the brave face that she put out there, just so that I don’t feel sad and lonely on the another side of the world is what makes her special and is the reason why I love her so much.”
Navjyot finally moved back a year ago and here they are…got through everything, got engaged and finally got married by December 2015.They are two completely opposite individuals, different as chalk and cheese. Ashwini is shy and reserved whereas Navjyot is outgoing and out spoken. And still they understand each other so much.  The love, care and respect has deepened through these years.
We couldn’t be happier about the fact that their relationship has culminated into such a beautiful story. #NavAsh
Wedding Planners: Event Plus Management Pvt. Ltd. , Mumbai
Location CourtesyBlue Sea , Worli &  ITC Grand Central , Mumbai
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