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Debopriya + Rahul | Chandigarh Wedding


The three day wedding was synonymous with a crazy festival full of love, laughter and madness…After all it was the merger of ilish mach (fish) of bengal and butter chicken of punjab and #BongBalleWedding had to be a mad high spirited fun festival..There was not a single soul who did not laugh , live and cry !

Debopriya & Rahul are carbon copy of each other…hyper, chirpy, fierce, loyal, too honest to handle for some and happy souls. They call each other happy and snappy because that’s what perfectly describes them…They both met 5 years back through a funny incident when she had lost her phone on joining her first company and he offered the help (read slyly hitting on her) and since then there has been no looking back. They have been best friends since then and never been the cliched romantic lovers , infact honestly they suck at it , rather just two innocent best friends who are reflection of each other & decided to be best friends for life by marrying each other.

There is always that spark that magic which they felt five years back and they still feel it today. They have had their share of ups & downs but somehow they just held on to each other and rose together. On a lighter note now that they are together for life, they are looking forward to their goals of staying healthy hopefully, travelling to all virgin places, becoming more positive and doing everything just to keep each other happy and try to develop a mutual fondness for rom coms and Barclays Premier League which seems a far fetched goal…To a forever of snapping at each other for no rhyme or reason, to their roadside tea and calamari on the fancy holiday, to weekends of Chelsea and rom coms, to her being the micro planner and him being the executor in this partnership, to the high and lows and everything in between , they promise to keep that happy child in them alive till their 80s.

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