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Charmi & Tarun | Post wedding shoot


Tarun saw Charmi at his college for the first time but they never talked for good 3 years. She didn’t even know of him until that one fine day, when he confessed that he really admired her since the day he saw her . But that was not it! They were having their own different roller coaster rides in life which deterred them from being together. One confession and then no contact for almost 10 months. Finally, it was on Tarun’s birthday (October 2013) that they decided to meet. That one meeting COMPLETELY CHANGED THEIR LIVES! With each passing day, they grew fonder of each other and they exactly knew where it was leading to.

Since then, they’ve been rising in love!  He never let her fall and she would always try to raise him higher! . They got married this January and we asked to pen their thoughts on their relationship and much more 🙂

1. How do you think you will create the photograph of your life?

Like a crescent moon in a dark night, perfect because of its imperfections!

2. Do you think you can keep the fervour and romance alive as it is now?

Of course, we can always keep the romance alive! But it is not as easy as it may sound. One should always remember that no relationship works for a long time, if taken for granted. It needs real and consistent efforts from both the sides to keep the love and romance alive. And the best part is, when you love someone, you naturally make those efforts and they don’t seem like a favor you’re doing to someone. 🙂

3. You guys are the youngest couple that we have ever shot ; were you not scared to getting into life long commitment at such an early stage ?

Surprisingly, we were both very confident about getting into a life long commitment because that is what we had been looking for, for all our lives! I’m sure most of us long for a stable, affable partner. And when we met for the first time, we knew that was it! He was all I ever wanted and so was the case with him.

4. What was the most romantic moment of your life ?

All those times he has held my hand and kissed them , I’ve felt like the most special person in this whole wide world!

5. Any special message for young couples ?

Always make sure that you rise in love and never let each other fall. There will be times when you’d want to give up, but that is when the relationship’s worth is tested. Problems are only the stepping stones, do not fear them. Also, never sleep with struggling thoughts in your head. Make sure you resolve all your problems of the day, before you head to sleep. Next morning should bring new thoughts into your life, so avoid carrying a baggage full of troubled thoughts all along! It is not that difficult!

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