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Once upon a time a sweet girl from India and a dodgy guy from Romania…HAHAHA…just kidding, a charming guy from Romania met in the lovely City of London, fell in love and lived happily ever after….Unn Unn… Wasn’t that easy… BUT it was definitely WORTH it. EVERY BIT OF IT.

This is how it goes:

One fine day while Tanya was chit chatting in class, lets say about life and boys , She casually asked her friend Catherine to find her someone. Someone nice and HANDSOME. Though it was more of a fun talk but who knew her friend would take her seriously and come up with a guy’s profile (Emanoil’s) on Facebook a few days after. Emanoil was her husband’s childhood friend. Some days passed by and Emanoil sent Tanya a request on Facebook, which OOPS!! SHE “DID NOT” accept. A while after, they met at Catherine’s house for a casual get together. Even though it wasn’t for a long time but she found him to be extremely kind, smart and funny. Someone she could easily talk to , someone she could be herself with . Tanya is a kind of a person who takes a bit of time to open up to people, to get comfortable with, but with him it was different. She felt like a free soul…And NO, that’s not an exaggeration. His presence brought out the best in her and till date she feels the same. He has brought her closer to herself . So that day , she decided to go home and accept that request. She just couldn’t let him go, he was the first guy she had such an experience with but by the time she could do that he had dropped it already. She was totally disheartened and very disappointed, so she went to Catherine to find out what’s going on and found out that he dropped it thinking that she doesn’t like him. Finally, after all the misinterpretation, confusion and miscommunication, they made it to their first date and that was it. There was no looking back. Within two weeks of dating they knew they were gonna get married. And after 2 years, they finally tied the knot in December , 2016 at Jaipur .

It wasn’t an easy road for Tanya to convince her family. It took them some emotional episodes, some arguments and a few good months to make them see what they were all about. Tanya doesn’t blame them though, after all they are family, they were protecting her , and here Tanya had made up her mind to marry someone not just from a completely different religious background but also with a different nationality , which was a bit of a shock for them. But luckily, parents could see past the differences of their cultures and traditions into the bonding of their souls.

Moral of the story: “If you really want something with all your heart and soul, stick to it no matter how hard it gets and you will see it coming to you, no matter the impossibilities.”

Location Courtesy – ITC Rajputana , Jaipur

Event Coordination – Memorable Indian Weddings

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    June 5th, 2017 at 3:23 am

    Beautiful story.😍👍


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