Medha + Nishant | Ranchi Wedding


7 years ago…

They first met in grade 11th when they were 17. Medha noticed Nishant ( a.k.a Babbu ) because he was always late for class. An entire year went by before they actually started talking. Their chemistry didn’t begin until they became better friends after grade 12th. Great things really started happening ever since. There was an instant connection. It was inevitable; they couldn’t stay friends for very long — on April 15th, 2009, they started with something they had no idea would turn out to be the biggest adventure of their lives. Nishant says he asked Medha out because he just felt “the time was right”.


7 years later…

It’s incredible that seven years have already passed since they started dating . Seven years of over-whelming memories , seven years of laughter (and fights haha)! They have gained new families, with new parents and siblings. Their lives are connected beyond anything they could have imagined when they were 17.  Together, they have experienced their biggest accomplishments and their biggest failures. They already have shared a lifetime together before even saying “I do”.

Despite their profound love and understanding of each other, they felt that they are on the brink of something new and exciting. They are at the beginning of their own happily ever after. Their marriage to each other is a reflection of what they have overcome, and a symbol of their hopes and dreams .



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