Kanika & Surya | Delhi Wedding


When one thinks about the elements that make their story, then it can fit beautifully well in a romance of high school sweethearts (read nerdy high school sweethearts), who ended up taking the wedding vows together and agreeing to love each other eternally. But, they don’t think that they are just that, their story is because of everything that was outside of that romance, the madness, the chaos, the fights, the long-distance relationship woes ; because it was all of this that showed them for whatever little time, that how much they are in love. So they always planned trips instead of candle light dinners, adventures instead quiet romantic moments, craziness instead of long endless phone calls. And then they became whatever the high school sweethearts can never be. They became friends who were madly and deeply in love, and this love was made of all the craziness that world gave them and all the craziness that they returned to the world. This beautiful weird relationship is what they are continuing and wish to continue for life, and an everlasting love that doesn’t require daily declarations rather a love which is impossible to put in words.

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  1. Navneet Ahuja

    August 30th, 2016 at 5:53 am

    nice shots love your frames


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