Ankit and Aina, thank you! Thank you for surrounding our cameras with so much life, and colour, and trust. Immortalising your memories was a privilege we don’t take lightly. We’re so happy to have you in our lives!

Aina & Ankit

Location – Hotel Intercontinental , Fujairah
Video by – Recall Pictures
Event planned by – Red Velvet Signature Events & Vivaah Weddings

Alisha & Joel

Director – Pulkit Kapoor
Location – Leela Kovalam , Kerala
Makeup Courtesy – Meera Sakhrani
Event Managed by – Knotty Designs & The Select Events

Vani & Chirag

Event Managed by – Chandni Tent House & Events by experts
Outfits – Neeta Lulla , Falguni & Shane Peacock , Varun Bahl , Pooja Sarees
Make up courtesy – Paveena Rathour
Location – Chandigarh

Jyoti & Daanish

Couple – Shakti-Luv & Riya-Kush
Venue – The Leela Ambience , Gurgaon
Event managed by – Ahana from Naach Gaana Vyaah

The Twin Wedding

Ashil & Devanshi’s Pre Wedding shot at Chunda Palace , Udaipur

Devanshi & Ashil

The wedding in itself was very close to our hearts with both families and friends coming together to make a special day for us. It was really just 3 things:

* Love
* Laughter
* Fun

Prakriti & Akshay

A sikh wedding shot in the chilly winter of Jaipur with a classic vibe to it , spanned across four days .

Venue – Jai Bagh Resort , Jaipur
Event managed by – Purple Grapes Events
Make up by – Atul Chauhan & Kavita Ahuja

Achint & Evleen

  “In our journey of 6 years, from being just friends to husband and wife, love happened. Nirav, a Photographer, had a goal. To remain confused and confuse the people who tried to solve his confusions. But one thing that he was sure of was to live life on his terms. He is a dreamer. […]

Khooshbu & Nirav

A soulmate is not someone that comes into your life peacefully. It is who comes to make you question things, who changes your reality, somebody that marks a before and after in your life.

Cindy & Artem

We all know people who are so much afraid of pain that they shut themselves up like clams in a shell and, giving out nothing and receiving nothing. But it takes courage to love, and pain through love becomes a purifying fire which keeps growing. These two beautiful beings have made us realize that love […]

Kavita & Vishal

The most beautiful people are those who have gone through defeat, experienced suffering, known struggle, undergone loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These people have an appreciation, a sensitivity and an understanding of life and love for each other that fills them with compassions, humaneness, and a deep loving concern. We […]

Karan & Rupangi

Committing forever a life as one with another; accepting a hand with a whole heart in the name of love in which we are all in search of embracing the worst.  We love the whole being while seeing yins to yangs and a masterpiece yet to be complete and with complete faith. Sharing a name […]

Vrinda & Prateek

The boundless beauty of the  mountains brought us so close to capture the feel of tenderness between them. I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge. That myth is more potent than history. That dreams are more powerful than facts. That hope always triumphs over experience. That laughter is the only cure for grief. And […]

Prakriti & Akshay

It’s their unique relationship that attracted us all the more to create memories and moments for them. Their love is undefinable. When we asked questions to them about their stories this is what they said. Rohan met Natasha for the first time in London . They ate,  got out and did touristy things and by […]

Natasha & Rohan

Memoirs of a lover Location Courtesy – Lemon Tree Hotel , Tarundhan Valley Makeup Courtesy – Guru Makeup Art Lead Photographer – Harsheen Jammu ” So, as it has always been said that love happens only once and for me it turned out to be true. I met my one and only on a chilly […]

Memoirs of a Lover

Love doesn’t make the world go ’round’, Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

In Sikh culture , Anand Karaj is the most significant ceremony , as ‘Anand’ means bliss and ‘Karaj’ means a work or undertaking and it binds man and a woman into spiritual union. By the grace of God they are blessed with togetherness and they are ready to commit and start new life with each other.

Pushvinder + Gurjot | Ludhiana Wedding

Their story has no mention of luck , chance or impossible coincidences. It has no mention of pubs , sporting events , Facebook , dance floors, mutual friends , stolen glances or how a pair of red heels caught his eyes. I guess you could say that their “How We Met” story is fairly ordinary, […]

Ankita + Parul | Udaipur Wedding

The three day wedding was synonymous with a crazy festival full of love, laughter and madness…After all it was the merger of ilish mach (fish) of bengal and butter chicken of punjab and #BongBalleWedding had to be a mad high spirited fun festival..There was not a single soul who did not laugh , live and […]

Debopriya + Rahul | Chandigarh Wedding

As their friends and family gathered at Aamby Valley to celebrate the promise of being together , the evenings were spent cheering , dancing to what may have been the happiest couple in the world at that exact moment. Their wedding was nothing short of perfection. Siddharth was overwhelmed when Shivika walked down the aisle towards him. He wore […]

Shivika & Siddarth | Aamby Valley , Maharashtra

Isha knew Jai since she was a sophomore(2nd year) in college. They both went to Michigan State University. It was April 2009 when she first met him. Their first meeting was kind of a funny/scary experience for her . She was at a friend’s party and Jai came and scared her thinking  she was someone else. In my head she was […]

Isha & Jai | Royal Jaipur Wedding

Abhishek and Jitsun saw each other for the first time at a wedding when their cousins were getting married.  Jitsun remembers seeing Abhishek from the car, he was standing by the road and she felt really warm and fuzzy when she saw him. She was too young then and they never approached each other and it was […]

Jitsun & Abhishek | Tribal wedding at Lahaul-Spiti

We can’t even begin to describe how much we loved working with the bride and groom at this Chandigarh wedding.  When asked what they were most looking forward to on their wedding day, the bride told me “We are actually more excited about the life beyond the wedding day , working on our fitness goals , travelling to […]

Deepshikha & Saahil | Chandigarh Wedding

Navjyot fell in love with Ashwini at her brothers wedding. After being in a relationship for around 8 months, he had to leave for San Francisco, as he got accepted in San Francisco Digital Film School. Next 2 years were spent on the opposite sides of the world. It was the toughest phase of their relationship. Long […]

Ashwini & Navjyot | Mumbai Wedding

Little did Anushka know when Hiteshwar walked into her classroom in Grade 9 that she would end up marrying him. It has been a story out of a fairytale and dream come true not just for them but for everyone associated with them . With all the twists & turns that are needed to make it a blockbuster […]

Anushka & Hiteshwar | Goa Wedding

Priyam met Mayank for the first time at a friend’s place . Their respective friends were going through a rough patch in their relationship and Priyam & Mayank came to make things better between their friends . After that , they kept meeting each other often for the same purpose but destiny had its own […]

Priyam & Mayank | Post wedding shoot

Yesterday was a day dedicated to all the photographers of the world, rather a day for anyone who loves to captures stories and emotions in a frame. I spent the whole day going through the journey – albeit a small one – that I have traveled from my first picture on a point and shoot […]

A plea to prospective clients

Tarun saw Charmi at his college for the first time but they never talked for good 3 years. She didn’t even know of him until that one fine day, when he confessed that he really admired her since the day he saw her . But that was not it! They were having their own different roller coaster rides in life which […]

Charmi & Tarun | Post wedding shoot

Each month I get hundreds of e-mails enquiring about wedding photography prices and most of them have similar responses . Some are plain honest , “sorry we won’t be able to have you as our budget is X” or “Aah !! thats way out of our budget” and some are rude , “Oh ! you guys are […]

How to get your dream wedding photographer to shoot your wedding?

1. Expensive doesn’t always mean good – There are so many wedding planning blogs like wedmegood , sayshaadi , weddingsutra which have a detailed directory of photographers in your area . Do a thorough research when it comes to pricing . The end result might be the same quality wise ( not style wise)  if we compare two photographers but you see […]

5 things to know before you hire a wedding photographer !