Aparna & Saurabh | Kolkata Wedding


They met way back in 2009, when Aparna was still in school and Saurabh was preparing for his CAT. It wasn’t love at first sight, or even second or third, they started out as just friends. Both of them are stubborn and headstrong and they’ve had their fair share of arguments. Aparna feels what still kept them together was their mutual love for the Liverpool Football Club. They were always in different cities, for their studies and then work, but they would manage to meet on and off. In between, they stayed in touch through Whatsapp and Facebook. And then, cliched as it may sound, they fell in love. When he went on a Euro trip with his brother, she realised how much she missed him (since he didn’t have connectivity all the time). And he did too, because a few months later he asked her out and managed to moved out of the friend zone. Soon after, they told their parents and that’s about it. Parents did the rest and here they are today, watching Liverpool matches together, as husband and wife, instead of just friends .

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