Anushka & Hiteshwar | Goa Wedding


Little did Anushka know when Hiteshwar walked into her classroom in Grade 9 that she would end up marrying him. It has been a story out of a fairytale and dream come true not just for them but for everyone associated with them . With all the twists & turns that are needed to make it a blockbuster movie , they have been everything for each other and more . Their wedding in Goa was a celebration of their journey of twelve years ; those special moments spent together , those tiny surprises which make life even more beautiful . We have been shooting wedding from 4 years , but what made this wedding so different was the kind of energy everyone had , be it family or friends , it was an experience in itself  .
Apart from that , Anushka you are very lucky to have a father-in-law like him ( and which assures us Hiteshwar would be as cool ) . Never ever we have seen FIL so expressive and emotional . We respect him from bottom of our hearts , for he knows , what it really means to give a piece of your heart away and what it means to have a daughter 🙂
Makeup Courtesy – Jasmeet Kapany
Location Courtesy – Cicade De Goa , Goa
Event Management & Coordination – Buzz Events , Goa
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